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Why am I starting this blog? It’s simple. I need a(nother) break.


where I often walk

where I often walk

We need those workday breaks, right? My daily grind consists of hours spent primarily in front of my laptop (you too?). There are the never-ending rounds of emailing — whether I’m soliciting, explaining, responding, negotiating, begging and borrowing, or accepting (rejection). Or whether I’m  following the model of an ever-expanding universe to do the required research to make a documentary film, I wind up bleary-eyed and lightheaded. Yes, it’s all part of the daily routine.

I only allow a certain amount of low-blood-sugar dizziness and malaise to set in. I struggled with chronic fatigue syndrome for a decade, so I listen to my mind/body.

I eat something nutritious, of course. A typical lunch is a hummus or egg-salad wrap from Wild Oats swallowed down with L-theanine-rich iced green tea or my own raw fruit/veggie blasts. Required equipment: NutriBullet — This was an infomercial that lived up to the hype. Recipe: Layer kale, spinach, banana, apple, lemon, flax or sunflower seeds in a pint container. Add a bit of raw honey or agave to sweeten if you wish. Whip into a frenzy and drink!

At some point in the day, I will take time for inner balance: mental and physical.

My mind/body breaks always feel like more work at first. They only become pleasant once a few endorphins become active or serotonin levels increase. I take rigorous walks or runs in the woods with my dog. Now that summer is upon us, I’ll also be riding the local hills on my bike. When the weather is just too foul, I do yoga with a Rodney Yee dvd. Better not to stray too far from my laptop.



Of course, I take a few minutes to check Facebook and Twitter. I usually like a few posts. Often enough I add a quick comment to a friend’s post. Must also take time to sign petitions and support friends’ causes. Right? Please do so whether you’re signing a petition to advocate for the removal of all corporate lobbyists from Washington or visiting Kickstarter or Indiegogo to support a friend’s crowdfunding campaign with a few dollars. Please do it. Take a break and take the time.

How about kid breaks? Coming home from school breaks?

My daughter has a pretty crazy after-school schedule. Four days a week she races off to a 3-hour gymnastics practice. She gets off the school bus at 3:20, and must do homework and eat dinner before 4:45. One note: She has a severely limited palate and claims that she is a vegetarian, though she doesn’t seem to like vegetables. I watch her eat peas one by one to ensure that she receives sustenance beyond the adored pasta diet. And I also sneak in my word-game break: Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends. And when she’s really just too painfully slow with her veggies, I make a desperate move: I play Letter by Letter. By the way, if you want to play me on any of these games, my moniker is bolacherries.

My kid heads off to gymnastics. I can concentrate again. Excuse me, a query about my film just popped up on the screen. Must answer pronto. Oh, and that hum from my iPhone. Need to check that text. Who wants what now? Can’t go too far for too long.